Friday, November 22, 2013

Our garden

Dear reader,

A friend kindly offered me to borrow his camera since our both cameras are at the repair shop. I wanted to test it and took some pics of our garden in Los Angeles with a low light and no manipulation. It was fun and impressive to see how precise the camera could be. They might be manipulated in the future and look very different. See more on  my Facebook page.


Rothko at MOCA

Dear readers,

Strange enough, I felt projected into the past last night with a show about the MOCA permanent collection that I saw with friends. It was almost the same display as several years ago and brought back nice memories about this magical room. We all had a different opinion about our favorite piece. My friends chose the light, yellow, my husband the red one and me the blue painting. Sometimes you become blasé overtime with an artist until you see his work live again and you go back to your old crush.

Outside there was a party with everyone with a cellphone taking pictures of themselves in front of a media background. That pulled me back to nowadays versus when I first saw these capturing Rothko paintings.

There are several other great artists in this show.


Installation view of MOCA permanent collection, photo by Brian Forrest

Christo is back

Dear reader,

This is a new project Big Air Package made by Christo in Germany ( Oberhausen).

Below are his beautiful drawings for the project showing his process of creating.


Christo, Big Air Package, 2010-2013, au Gazomètre d’Oberhausen, 9000 x 5200 cm, 177000 m3, détail (©Wolfgang Volz).

Di Rosa

Dear reader,

I discovered the name of this established French painter from Sète last summer when I was in Montpellier:

Here is an article about a current exhibition at the Galerie Louis Carré


Hervé Di Rosa, Incarnation, 2013, acrylique sur bois, 101 x 150,5 x 8 cm (©Hervé Di Rosa)

Michel Kirch, winner of the Grand Prix Eurazeo 2013 (photography)

Dear readers,

This is a great picture from Michael Kirch who has been the Laureat of Grand Prix Eurazeo 2013.


Michael Kirch
I like the way he shows his portfolio:

His website:

Illustration : Série « L’Eveilleur » (©Michel Kirch)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Music in the Parisian subway

Video made by the N.Y Times:

Performing on the Paris Metro
By Farhod Family November 6th, 2013
Each year, thousands of musicians from around the world audition to earn a license to play on the Paris Metro.



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Poems on walls by Accion poetica

Below is an article about a poetic movement called accion poetica  who writes on walls beautiful short poems:

« No esperes que te olvide, no olvides que te espero »
"Do not hope that I will forget you, do not forget I will wait for you"
(N’espère pas que je t’oublie, n’oublie pas que je t’attends ), extrait d’une chanson du rappeur « Shé », par la plus ancienne des Acciones poeticas, l’Accion poetica de Monterrey, au Mexique.

George Braque

This is another current historical retrospective about George Braque in the Grand Palais:

His still life paintings  with sandy textures and Birds are beautiful.


Félix Valloton

This is another important art show in The Grand Palais, Paris:

Video: Félix Vallotton : Le feu sous la glace

Couples in Vallotton's paintings



Morphing table

Here is a new technology experience created by MIT Media Lab that could become an artistic installation or attraction. The video is in English:




Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Serge Poliakoff

Here another art exhibition currently in Paris about Serge Poliakoff at the Musée d'art Moderne (1900-1969):

These paintings look so fresh!

Connaissance des Arts

Another source of great slide shows of what is happening in Connaissance des Arts:

Diaporama : Le Corbusier, un brutaliste à Marseille


Monday, November 4, 2013

"Les Bouroullec entrent à Versailles"

“Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler et ses peintres”

“Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler et ses peintres”

Here an interesting video about “Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler et ses peintres” on Télérama:,104472.php

It is connected to an exhibition in Lille, France.



Here is a good slide show in French from Le Monde about Banksy, a famous British street artist who made every single day in October an artwork in New York:

Sur les traces de Banksy à New York


Pinterest, Facebook page, and previous blogs

Dear readers,

If you are a Pinterest person, I invite you to see my page that display several artists that I really like to look at their work:

If you would like to see previews of my artwork before being posted officially on my website, please check

In addition, my previous posts are on

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Bernard Venet

Dear readers,

Last week, I enjoyed seeing BERNAR VENET  (French metal abstract sculptors) at ACE Gallery on Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles. There are several large scale metal sculptures that I would like to see in our Los Angeles public spaces or garden museums.

This is a glimpse of what you might there:

He had a major show in Versailles in 2011 among other international exhibitions.

I hope you can make it to this exhibition because it is rare to see his work here in L.A.

Future blogs on Blogger

Dear readers,

I am switching to a different platform for blogging. Please follow me on this link if you wish at for updates on my art and other cultural information about great art. I look forward to sharing this journal with you in the future. My art portfolio will still be posted on

Some of the links might be in French. I hope you will be able to find a translation in your language.

Thank you